This has been a pretty strange (mostly miserable) year, all thigs considered. But one silver lining out of it has been my relationship with social media - specifically the complete abolishment of the aforementioned relationship.

After a brief obsession with “being caught up with news” in the middle of the Pandemic, I realized that social media is basically bad for me in a lot of ways, and I decided to cut most algorithmic feeds out of my life. I’m not really a hermit - but I’m trying to be more intentional and active with the people that I engage with online, as opposed to a passive consumer.

As a result, I’ve also had some free time on my hands recently, and the itch to try to write consistently has resurfaced. This blog is going to be my (second? third?) attempt at scratching that itch.

My plan is to write basically once a week - mostly technical topics, sometimes assorted musings, sometime just links to things I’ve read recently. I’ll try my best to be cogent - beyond that, no promises. Caveat emptor!