Hi, I’m Achal! This is my extremley-negected personal website + blog.

I’m currently a software engineer at Tecton, a startup building a data platform for ML.

Before this, I was an Engineer at Uber - I was the tech lead for the Deep Learning Inferencing project within Michelangelo, the Machine Learning Platform team. I also helped build Hailstorm, a load generation platform.

At Amazon Fulfillment Technologies in Seattle, I wrote software for forecasting + planning for Fulfillment Centers.

I’m interested in Systems, ML, and Scalability professionally, and a variety of things in general.

You can find me on LinkedIn, and github and the tweeter but, I’m most reliably reachable via email.

I’m originally from Ahmedabad, India, where my parents, both of whom are doctors, currently reside. My wife is an Applied Scientist at AWS. My brother currently works at Google. My mom writes on medium!

My Resume can be found here.

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