Hi, I’m Achal Shah, a software engineer at Uber Technologies. I’m in the larger Infrastructure group, building tools and infrastructure to ensure that internal services are healthy, well-scaled, and have sufficient capacity. I’m interested in Distributed Systems and Scalability professionally, and a variety of things in general.

Recently, I’ve also been tinkering with GPUs!

I worked for over two years at Amazon Fulfillment Technologies in Seattle, where I worked on solving operational problems in the fulfillment space at scale. My first team owned software for the sortaion process inside the fulfillment centers. Next, I worked in the forecasting space, aimed specifically for the problem of fulfillment planning. I absolutely loved my experience at Amazon, and also Seattle. But round Sept 2015, it seemed like a change was due..

I previously interned at Raytheon BBN Technologies, working on the FUSE project.

As a grad student, I’m worked on an independent study on Eigenwords with Prof. Lyle Ungar

You can find me on LinkedIn, github, and Facebook, but, I’m most reliably reachable via email.

I’m originally from Ahmedabad, India, where my parents, both of whom are doctors, currently reside. My wife was at Microsoft, but is now at Baidu Research. My brother currently works at Apple.

My Resume can be found here.

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