I started writing this post during a great break, when Rish and I are on in Tahoe - where I actually have time to think about what forms the kernel of this post, in a very circular way.

Over the past year, I’ve been finding myself spending increasingly larger amounts of time devoted to work. This is only natural - with time, our profession usually brings more responsibility, at any reasonable workplace.

Additionally, it’s kinda what we moved from Seattle for - as I’ve expounded fairly often. The move was great for me since I get to be in a position where I’m motivated to work all day everyday; because the work is interesting and I believe that I’m making a difference while learning and leading a lot.

But taking on new, larger challenges does not preclude the necessity to decompress and disconnect - I’d argue that that decompression is actually more essential in those cases.

Long amounts of time spent thinking and working on a singular problem ends up blinding me to my inherent biases in my interpretation of the problem - and sometimes the same thing happens when there’s too many things to be done, and not enough time to devote the deserved time to them. The disconnect helps brings fresh perspectives to problems, where sometimes I have found myself blinded by hidden assumptions and biases.

It often also helps to take a break and be able to ask more fundamental questions, ranging from “Am I solving the right problems?” to much harder ones like “In my career, am I where I want to be? Do I enjoy the path that I’m on?”. Like me, I’m sure that their career is a big part of of a lot of folks’ lives - and every now and then, it’s good to make sure that the time spent on it is time well spent.

In slight contradiction the previous sentiment though.. People are also definitely more than their jobs. Taking time out from work to discover and experience things that you enjoy - books, travel, new hobbies, spending time in coffee shops with loved ones talking - is precious time.

I realize that the sentiments here amount to a really tall order - one must enjoy work, but take breaks to further be better at/enjoy work, but also value break time for growth in other aspects. And that’s true - time is the more precious, basic and impactful resource we have at our disposal, for spending and investment. And trying to make sure that none of it is wasted; that as much time as possible can be spent on things I find valuable - I find that that makes me a more well-rounded, and happy individual.

As always, feel free to get in touch if you have additional thoughts!