I started this blog some (many?) months ago with the hope that it would be an outlet for opinions or thoughts that would be interesting and worth reading. But as the months have gone past, and is obvious from the amount of output I’ve produced, I haven’t been able to write about things well enough for other eyeballs to look at.

Writing is hard.

Hard not just because of the mechanics of finding the right words, the right phrases and punctuation to crystallize the nebulous thoughts one has. More fundamentally, writing is hard because for me, putting something down is a way of committing to something, mentally and publicly.

It’s easier to do one or the other in different settings - easier to state a dissenting/dumb opinion while shooting the breeze with friends. But that’s fundamentally different from writing a blog and throwing it into the ether, never to be forgotten and readily available for dissection by anyone.

With that kind of permanence in mind, I want to write things infallibly - opinions or thoughts that I truly believe in, that I can justify my beliefs for convincingly. Something that is ridiculously hard to do, especially given no practice and in a vacuum. The stakes aren’t probably really as high - there’s people yelling into the void of the internet every second. But it’s important to me. And that’s what makes writing such a slow process.

There’s other reasons why writing is hard too - life is filled with too many things to have time for them all - which is incidentally what this post started out being about, but I’m pretty sure I’ll pontificate on that thought at a later time. I hope to, in any case.